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GenEx 5.3.4


GenEx 5.3.4 is relaesed.

New functions in 5.3.4

* Wizard for import of "miRCURY LNA™ Universal RT microRNA Ready-to-Use PCR panels" data files (License required).
* Wizard for import of "Roche RealTime Ready Panels" data files (License required).

* Outlier test moved to "Quality control" menu (new menu).
* New module for "Negativ control" in DataEditor.
* New module for "Spike control" in DataEditor.
* New menu "Subtract gDNA background" in DataEditor.
* New Valid Prime Module in DataEditor (under "Subtract gDNA background" menu).
* New RT- control module in DataEditor (under "Subtract gDNA background" menu). 
* Correction of "Grid hangs when Fill with maximun + 1 selects" in the Handle of missing data.
* Improvment of Calculation speed in DataEditor.
* Correction for "Out of memory exception" while importing Biomark 96*96 plates export file.





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