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Genex 5.3.2


New functions in 5.3.2

The Following functions are useful when user need to analyse a Subset of data
(like a set of Ref. Genes candidates with NormFinder) before pre-processing.

* DataEditor: "ColumnsAdd to Subset". By right clicking the Grid.
* DataEditor: "GridCreate SubSet"

The following function is useful to mark Ref. Genes in a classification row and
later use the "Auto" selection option in "Normalization with Ref. Genes".

* DataEditor: "ColumnsSelect as Ref. Gene". By right clicking the Grid.

* Correction in "Relative quantitiesNormalise by Group".

New functions in 5.3.1 (Early release for qPCR Conf. in Fresing/Germany)

* DataEditor: "Edit/Number of Decimals".
* DataEditor: "Edit/Lock Labels"
* Pre-processing: "Global Normalization" option in the "Normalization with Ref. Genes" page.
* Pre-processing: "Insert Value".  User can access this function by right clicking on the Grid. Selected cells will be filled with input value. Useful for creation of classification columns.
* DataEditor: Normalize by Group

Fixed & updated functions

* Clicking the "Transpose" button will show the transposed data.
* T-Test includes Multiple testing"
* Groups can be create from the T-Test result (compact view)
* scatter plot moved to "Correlation" TAB
* Scatter plot of Groups
* Scatter plot shows distance from Center
* Updated PLS module.

//Multid Team





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